Critical Illness Insurance

Being diagnosed with a critical or life-threatening illness means getting your world turned upside down overnight. You lose not
only health status and physical well-being but also many other less visible aspects.

Besides the obvious loss of a normal personal and professional rhythm, and therefore of a financial stability, critical illnesses
also imply a lot of new and unforeseen expenses to be covered medical wise.

Not only would such a draining health condition affect you, but it would most likely drain and require a lot from your loved ones – finan-
cially, time wise, emotionally etc. With almost half of Canadians being diagnosed with some form of cancer throughout their life and with
the ever growing rates of heart disease, it only comes as great wisdom to consider making a plan in case such a scenario would unfold.

Such a difficult, emotionally and financially draining scenario needs, undoubtedly, the financial support that a
Critical Illness Insurance can provide.

Why Should You Consider a Critical Illness Insurance?

Recovery from illness can be a long road, full of unexpected ups and downs, which in most of the cases translates into severe financial hardship and many subsequent financial sacrifices done by the entire family. Your life savings or retirement plans, if any, are at risk of being engulfed by this situation, leaving you very vulnerable in face of an already vulnerable and difficult life moment.

Having a Critical Illness Insurance means costs related to the illness will be covered, without you ever having to worry about it. This not only includes treatment or medical services you should need, but also travel costs, extended time periods of not attending your professional commitments, etc.

How Can a Critical Illness Insurance Help You?

ou will be provided with a lump sum payment, tax-deferred, to cover the medical costs that are suited and required for your condition. In this way, you are certain to be having more energy and resources to properly focus on getting better and returning to your normal day to day life.

Your dear ones will also get the chance to focus on supporting you emotionally and really being there for you in this time of need – instead of struggling with personal sacrifices in order to cover for medical expenses.

The list of illnesses that can be covered by this plan is extensive. Among these are the following ones: cancer, heart attacks, coma, paralysis, major organ failure, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease or occupational HIV infection.

If you need help in finding the right plan for you, contact our insurance professionals. They will assist you throughout the process and design a critical illness insurance plan that will meet your needs and budget.

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