Disability Insurance

You work and strive to get to a certain amount of professional and financial stability in life. Nevertheless, as stable as life can
be, one can never know when things might change out of a sudden.

If most Canadians would not be able to handle a financial crisis in case of losing their paycheck for as little as a couple of weeks, going
through an unpredicted debilitating injury can easily transform into a major source of financial and personal stress. Not to mention
the hardship of suffering career-ending disabilities that would leave you hanging on a string, no matter the
professional success you might be having right now.

Temporary or permanent loss of income would therefore be, for most of us, a situation very hard to handle without having any backup
plan. Not only you would lose your monthly income and your quality of life, but you would also most probably have to face going
through new unexpected expenses such as, medical costs necessary for your recovery or new costs
implied by your new imposed physical lifestyle.

Disability insurance would be the easiest and most comfortable way of protecting the financial stability you strive to keep every day. It is
the guarantee you have in front of the unexpected that you and your family won’t have to go through disability related financial crises.

How Can Disability Insurance Help You and Your Family?

A first clear advantage of having a disability insurance is that you will protect yourself and your family from such emotional hardship that an income loss might bring. In case any debilitating injury appears, regardless of whether it happens on or off the job, you can rest assured that you and your family will be taken care of. This will give you the much needed support in order for you to have all the resources necessary for you to focus on restoring your physical and emotional health rather than struggling to pay the bills.

You will receive a tax-free benefit each month, so you will hardly feel the loss of your monthly wage. Not only will you be covered with the day to day expenses and regular home bills, but the disability insurance will also provide the much needed financial support necessary for your recovery.

In some case, switching careers or going for a more appropriate job according to your physical condition is a valid convenient option. In cases when this is not something to take into consideration, such as the situations of severe career-ending injuries, you will feel relieved to know that the disability insurance can be your monthly financial support until reaching retirement age.

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Disability insurance is probably the most effective way to protect your income and ensure you will continue to provide for you and your family.

Finding the right disability insurance plan is a delicate and complex matter. This is why, our team is here to offer you support and career guidance.

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