Long Term Care Insurance

Providing and taking good care of yourself and your family is the foundation of day to day proper functioning and well-being.
Moving in somewhat of a vicious circle, things can nevertheless easily twist and turn badly without much notice from your part.
One triggers the other and before you know, you find yourself on a swirling downward motion, where you
are less and less able to take care of your own basic needs.

Most people take for granted their capacity to self-function, since simple day to day tasks seem easy and already automatic: tasks such as preparing a meal or taking care of laundry, cleaning the house etc. But even though this might appear now to be a natural
given of your existence, there will come a time, sooner or later, when taking care of yourself will be more and more difficult for
you and more and more demanding for those around you. As much as you do take care of yourself and invest in your
day to day well-being, you can never truly know when you will start needing some long term care.

Why Should You Consider Long Term Care Insurance?

Losing your ability to self-function on a daily basis means putting a lot of stress and hardship on your loved ones, who might not even have the financial, emotional or time resources to care for you. It also means a lot of added stress for you knowing you can easily become a burden for them, or knowing you might be preventing them from attending to their own needs.

That is no longer necessary, since you can easily opt for a Long Term Care Insurance that would take care of everything in your place.

Opting for Long Term Care Insurance also means that you shall receive the appropriate aid for at-home nursing or for a personal care worker should you need one. Not only will you benefit from covered costs for this, but a Long Term Care Insurance will also provide for basic needs such as feeding, dressing, cleaning, etc.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should consider Long Term Care Insurance:

  • The power to choose private care over public care;
  • You will have the basic financial resources needed to be taken care of;
  • Financial aid for at-home nursing;
  • Help for basic needs, such as feeding, dressing, cleaning etc.;
  • The burden of care will be removed from your family members;

Invest in Your Well-Being

Our professional team of insurance agents would guide you through the process of choosing a long term care plan suitable for your preferred lifestyle and standard of living – you can therefore choose between private or public care.

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