No Medical Life Insurance

One might wonder: What if you do not classify as eligible to get a traditional life insurance and yet - you still want to consider
the benefits of financial stability that an insurance plan would bring?

Failing to be accepted for a life insurance can be a problem for many of those who are already classified as risky clients
because of having a troubled medical history.

Fortunately, for those who find themselves in this position, there is still an option for you to choose in such cases –
the “No Medical Life Insurance”.

If for most of the other traditional life insurances, a medical exam is required in order to analyze your needs and to design a suitable
insurance plan, for this one, examination is not necessary in order to qualify. The process of classifying and obtaining a No
Medical Life Insurance is as simple as going through several health related questions.

When Should You Consider Choosing No Medical Life Insurance?

If you have already been denied the right to get a traditional life insurance, you have come to the right place, because you will most definitely classify for coverage with the No Medical Life Insurance. This is the plan most suited for those who are struggling with chronic health problems, for older individuals having age-related health conditions, for those suffering from being overweight, or even those who are considered to be having a “risky” lifestyle according to insurance companies (for ex, those who practice extreme sports or extreme behaviors). Individuals suffering from critical illnesses can also benefit from a No Medical Life Insurance

Medical exams are usually very costly and time consuming processes that could in the end be the reason why you are not granted qualification for a life insurance. For individuals who would much rather not go through this whole effort, a No Medical Life Insurance is the perfect insurance plan for your health. You only have to go through a quick questioner about your health status.

Is No Medical Life Insurance
as Good as a Traditional Life Insurance?

For those of you worried that a No Medical Life Insurance cannot provide the same benefits and cover as many expenses as a traditional life insurance, rest assured that we are doing our best to offer you the most extensive coverage possible

  • The Simplified Life Insurance – it only requires you to fill in the questionnaire regarding your health condition and get coverage without any lengthy wait times.
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance –without ever having to answer any health questions, those who already suffer from difficult health conditions or critical illnesses will find themselves pleasantly satisfied by this life insurance plan, especially given that your coverage can start the day you apply for.

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